DFW Structural Consulting, Inc. provides professional structural design and consulting engineering services on projects which require care, precision, prudent contemplation or analysis and diligent service. We offer engineering services with added depth and sensitivity of architectural design. We take pride in our abilities to problem solve using various data collection and analysis techniques, and completing work by providing logical repair or design recommendations that fall within our clients business plans. We believe that good management leads to good engineering practice, which promotes exceptional quality standards for our practice.

DFW Structural Consulting was founded in 2003 to offer structural engineering services as a prime and sub-consultant to property owners, property managers, municipalities, and other design professionals, both in the commercial and residential markets. Our clients routinely engage us as a prime consultant as we are experienced in managing and fulfilling full service contract documents, and administrating the construction contract. As a prime and/or sub-consultant, we have successful experience in completing many projects utilizing a variety of design concepts and structural materials. Practiced in forensic engineering, we are experienced in managing, specifying and completing repair documents for projects subjected to various types of structural failure and distress.
Summary of Engineering Services

For Building Owners and Property Managers, we offer a variety of consulting services suited for periodic maintenance and special need projects such as:

* Waterproofing for office buildings, retail centers and parking garages.
* Structural repair of office and retail buildings, parking garages, retaining walls, pools, and site amenities.
* Soil failure and erosion control.
* Site water collection and regrading, french and area drain systems, and water evacuation.
* Foundation repair, underpinning, and leveling.
* Design and retrofitting of roof top davit and fall protection systems for use in exterior window and building maintenance.
* Floor analysis for the installation of heavy storage cabinets and safes.
* Cooling tower support grillage restoration and reinforcement for weathering and/or replacement.
* Light poles, marquis, patron and vehicular guard railings.

We also provide structural and civil pre and post acquisition due diligence services for building Owners and property managers interested in purchasing a propery and/or evaluating the property they have already purchased.

For Architectural and MEP Design Professionals, we offer full service structural engineering design services for new and renovation projects such as office buildings, warehouses, retail centers, churches, townhomes and City municipal improvements.

In addition to our commercial practice, we provide full service structural engineering for new residential projects. This service typically provides design for foundations, second and third floor systems, ceiling joist and roof framing systems, swimming pools, fountains, Porte-cocheres, pavilions, and site amenities, and associated sections and details and general note specifications.
DFW Structural Consulting, Inc. is a member of the Texas Borad of Professional Engineers (Registration No. F-10622)